"Here's an Acoustic Roadshow recipe for entertainment! Add 4 parts family, 3 part harmony, 4 acoustic instruments, mix with Bluegrass Gospel, and you'll have The Zepp Family Band. These kids are just oozing talent!" - Butch Imhoff, Acoustic Roadshow

"These kids are the real deal. I know they will be singing on the Opry stage one day!"
- Val Minett, Founder and Chair, Listen Live Music
The Zepp Family Band plays original and traditional bluegrass gospel on guitar, fiddle, bass, and mandolin.  The two sisters and two brothers are the eldest of ten children and range in age from 16 to 21.  Listening to them harkens you back to earlier days of AM radio shows, with vocals drenched in raw emotion, pure acoustic instruments and blood harmonies weaving through often hopeful, sometimes woeful tales, all to a steady bass beat.  Rebekah, the lead singer, songwriter and acoustic guitar palyer, has a whole mountain in her voice with inflections and stylings often eluded by singers much her senior and with far more experience.  Bailey, fiddle player, songwriter and harmony singer, effortlessly leads the band thru complicated arrangements and plays with perfect pitch and diction. She takes the listener through passages and changes with refreshingly original voicings. Noah provides the steady signature bass backbone to the band and occasionally adds trumpet and vocals.  Shaun completes their sound with leads and rhythm on his mandolin and is the writer of the title track of their latest release "Krossing Kentucky".

The Zepp Family Band formed in October 2010 when they performed  "Only Trust Him" at Bethany Evangelical Congregational Church in Barto, PA.   They have since put together many more Gospel and Traditional Bluegrass songs, as well as originals, and routinely play concerts, festivals, at open mics, nursing homes and churches.  They are all homeschooled, which gives them more time to practice. The ZFB has just release their sophmore CD entitled "Krossing Kentucky" which features 14 traditional and original tracks.

The two girls, Bailey and Bekah performed and sang together for several years prior at church, and in 2010 convinced their brothers, Noah and Shaun, to join them onstage. Since then, they've opened for Tony Trischka, performed on the showcase stage at bluegrass festivals, and have steadily increased their skills and built on their strong musical foundation.  The Zepp Family Band is in demand at area festivals, fairs and churches and it's only a matter of time before they will be hitting the radio airwaves and taking to the road.


About the band members:

Bailey is 21 years old and plays the fiddle and sings harmony vocals.  She has been playing the "violin" since she was 7.   She played in school orchestras and The Young People's Philharmonic Orchestra.  She graduated high school at age 15 and decided she would rather play the "fiddle".  She switched to bluegrass music and entered the fiddle contest at the Lyons Fiddle Festival.  She won second place in her age group, the following year she took first place.  After the first Fiddle Festival, she decided to recruit her two brothers to form a family band.  Noah was brought in on bass and Shaun was taught to play the mandolin.  This is how "The Zepp Family Band" was started!!
Noah is 20 years old and plays bass guitar in the band.   He began playing in October 2010.
Rebekah is 18 years old and plays guitar and sings lead vocal for the band. She's been playing guitar since she was 9. She's always loved singing and has been singing with her sister for more than 5 years when they sang hymns in church together.  Bekah is the main songwriter in the group and you would be hard pressed to try and figure out which are her originals and which are the traditional tunes.
Shaun is 16 and started playing the mandolin in October 2010.   Bailey had to bribe him with a Chick-Fil-A milkshake so he would play in front of an audience.  Now he trades leads with his sisters and takes easily to the stage.